Simple Instant & Secured

Karlilu is a business platform that helps people in the diaspora be able to conduct business transactions (purchase goods and services) back home and on the other end provide a global market access to local businesses especially in developing economies. The conduit to bridge the distance gap to home and market or business access.

Our Mission

 We are in business to serve families by being the conduit to bridge the distance gap to home by helping Family Providers to realize their aspiration through a trustworthy market infrastructure crowded with premium choices that are easily accessible, while at the same time creating a global market access to local businesses to help them grow and expand their business beyond their borders; access that they would have never had. A transaction platform that is Simple to use, Instant and above all Secures.

Our Goal

To inspire migrants or people with family ties or investment in foreign countries to positively impact local small businesses and communities. Open up the world to local business in underdeveloped or developing economies with a huge external migrant population, to help give them access to international markets and help grow their businesses. Easy access to a customer base that was beyond their reach. Inspire and encourage entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and employment by creating a thriving market and business environment. Contribute to the macro economic development of a multitude of countries around the worlds.